Top 10 Fantasy Movies Of All Time

Fantasy movies are as old as the birth of cinema. These movies talk about sorcery, action, animation, and romance among other subjects. Here are top 10 fantasy movies of all time.

1. Time Bandit


This is one of the movies that many film lovers keep watching despite having to be around for several decades. The film, which was produced in 1981, is a Trans-Atlantic smash hit.

2. The Thief of Baghdad

The movie begins in Britain and ends in United States of America’s, California State. The magical horses and terrifying scenes make it memorable.

3. Big Trouble in little China

The list of the best action movies is incomplete if you do not mention Big Trouble in little China. The leaping demons and lunatic wizards will make you fall in love with the movie repeatedly.

4. Going on 30

Going on 30 is a spirited romantic comedy for girls. Directed by the late Gary Winick, this movie is a masterpiece.

5. Pan’s Labyrinth

Guillermo Del Toro, Writer cum director, rarely disappoints and he did it again in this movie. The movie plot and choice of character were superb. The film reveals the dark side of fantasy.

6. The Purpose Rose of Cairo

This is one of the films that you cannot get enough of. It depicts a tale of a housewife who is depressed only to be swept away by one of her favorite characters by the name Jeff Daniels.

7. The Life Aquatic

The life aquatic takes you from the real world only to realize you have gone nowhere at the end. The movie stars Bill Murray, a globetrotting marine biologist.

8. Orlando

One of the notable scenes from the movie is the performance of Tilda Swinton. Sexuality, class, and history are among the topic of discussion in the movie.

9. The never ending story

The movie was acted based on a contradictory idea. It creates a dreamlike world where you will wish to live forever

10. Big

Big was produced in 1988. It is witty and funny. It is delivered in a gentle and entertaining manner.

In conclusion, the film production industry has witnessed many changes. However, there are certain movies that you can never get bored watching such as Orlando among others.

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